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Deer Valley Specialist Real Estate Tip of the Week: Working with Location

By Delia Reece
Feb 20, 2012

You can change almost any fact about your house except for one immutable thing.  Its location.  You can change its size with renovation, the features with re-design and its condition with a contractor, but you can’t change where it is.

Buyers who will pay for the privilege of a luxury home will take into account where a house sits just as much as they will the wine cellar or the ultimate home gym.  These buyers want proximity to the best shops, restaurants and spa facilities as well as the theatre and art galleries.  If they have children of school age, they’ll want to know where the best schools are, whether their children are six or sixteen.  Contact me at 1-866-709-8018 for any of your real estate needs, I have been doing real estate in Park City and Deer Valley for over 30 years.


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