We strive to 'exceed our customer's expectations' in all our real estate transactions, making them easy and seamless. We form long term relationships with our clients, and enjoy helping their family and friends with all their local needs and welcoming them as our friends, to the 'Park City' community. – Sincerely, Craig and Delia Reece
Client #6 Video Testimonial
Client #5 Video Testimonial
Client #5 Video Testimonial
My name is Ro Parra and my wife Cheryl and I live in Austin, TX. About 4 years ago when we began to entertain the thought of buying a vacation home in Deer Valley. At about that time, we met Craig Reece and ultimately chose him to represent us in buying our first home on Bellemont Court in Upper Deer Valley. We have since sold that home, bought land in Red Cloud (we start construction of our new home in April) as well as a condo in Sterling Lodge. Craig handled all of those transactions for us and needless to say, we have been very pleased with his work. Craig is a professional, understands the Real Estate market in Park City, and has represented us well. - Ro Parra, Senior Vice President & GM, Home and Small Business Group, Dell Computer Corporation
For over 25 years I have dealt with Real estate professionals from various regions of the US, and Craig Reece is the best I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He is a true professional that brings so much more to the table than others in the profession. His knowledge of the Park City/Deer Valley real estate market is truly astounding and unparalleled in the area.I am especially impressed with his knowledge at the high end of the market and his total frankness in responding to questions. Craig "tells it like it is" rather than putting a spin on the information in order to make a sale. As a result, he will become a trusted advisor in making the proper buy or sell decision. On several occasions,  Craig may have been able to make a sale if he had told me "what I wanted to hear", but he opted for the long term relationship of trust, by telling me the cold hard facts about the Park City/Deer Valley market or a property I was looking at. Craig is a high energy individual that is extremely responsive and proactive in his profession. Craig has also been a great source of referrals to other professionals, such as our architect/builder. If that is not enough, it is also a great pleasure to work with his beautiful and talented wife, Delia! What a team!!! - John West, CEO Retired, Monster.com
Craig and Delia Reece were pleasant to work with and unfailing in their efforts. They were always available when we came to town, even on short notice. They sold our condo in record time and showed us dozens of homes, many of them multiple times, over a period of months. We had recently sold and bought homes in Houston and we're repeatedly passed off to an "assistant".  We always had personal service from Delia and Craig.  They responded to every phone call and email quickly and took care of all the details of the sales and closing. We felt as if we were their only clients. You will be pleased if you chose them to be your agents. - Jennifer Beckham
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With his soft-sell approach, integrity, professionalism and service 'after' the sale, Craig sets a high standard for real estate agents. - Gib Myers, Chairman, Entrepreneurs Foundation
Thanks for the help and even better, the results. It's nice to succeed in obtaining what you started out to do and during the process develop a relationship with nice people like Craig and Delia. Thanks again and we look forward to working with Craig in the future. - Barbara & Joe Frazier, Developer of Big Horn Golf Resort Palm Springs, California
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I have purchased many properties over the years in Resort areas and Craig Reece is the best real estate agent I have worked with. His professionalism, attention to detail, knowledge of the real estate market and negotiating skills are superb. I would recommend Craig Reece to any buyer or seller in any price range. - George Perrin, CEO Pagenet Retired
Craig Reece delivered unique, unparalleled service. He exceeded my expectations in every regard. He is efficient, a great listener, made great use of my time and he was incredibly effective producing the results I desired. Craig sets a new standard of excellence among all professionals. - Richard Hamlin, Retired Sr. Ptr. KPMG LLP
I make my living with my words but I must confess coming up with the right superlatives to describe my appreciation and admiration for Craig and Delia is rather difficult. Let's just say they are the kindest, most patient, and certainly the most educated real estate agents I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. There is a nice symmetry to the Reece's and the Deer Valley area. They both stand for nothing but the finest. - Jim Nantz, CBS Sports