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Many Park City Restaurants have opened or are in the process of re-opening.  We are so excited to go support our local restaurants again!  They are limiting the amount of people and taking extra precautions with cleaning, and creating barriers/space between tables.  Many have outdoor seating so you can enjoy the beautiful mountain summer.  See the link below to get the low down on which Park City restaurants are open and their hours.

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Spring Cleaning Guide

Spring cleaning is a chance to reset everything in your home. It’s a chance to catch up on all the cleaning tasks you’ve been meaning to get to or to do the ones that niggle at you. Instead of laying awake wondering when you last cleaned your mattress, for instance, spring cleaning is the nudge you need to get it done and get the idea out of your head. In addition, deep cleaning once a year staves off bigger problems, like a mold takeover of your grout. You can clear dust and grime from areas that hardly ever see the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner attachment. By the time spring cleaning is finished, your home will feel so fresh and clean—a state of habitation that will serve you well.


Bedding: You wash your sheets, pillow

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