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Park City's Best List For 2017

By Diana
Jul 26, 2017

The fifth annual Park City's Best list is out for 2017 with 100 categories voted on by locals and visitors! From restaurants to hotels, dentists to spas, best sushi to best wine list, this is the place to find out what people really love in Park City.  Below is a link to view all the winners or pick up a copy in the Park Record that came out today.

We will be trying some new things from this extensive list.  We love all the variety in Park City!

Park City's Best 2017

Park City Voted America's Favorite Mountain Town

By Diana
Jul 17, 2017

Readers of Travel & Leisure Magazine voted and Park City is America's favorite mountain town!  Each year readers are asked to vote on their favorite places and Park City received this great honor.  Some of reasons why people love Park City are: accessibility, historic character, outdoor lovers paradise, and the great summers!

To read more about Park City being American's favorite mountain town go here:

Park City is American's favorite mountain town

Photo by Craig Reece

Moose Sightings In Park City

By Diana
Jul 11, 2017

On a recent bike ride through the neighborhood Craig ran into  the new landscaping crew trimming the trees and shrubs! We love Park City!

Photos by Craig Reece

Bonanza Park To Become An Arts District In Park City

By Diana
Jul 10, 2017

The area known as Bonanza Park which runs from the intersection of Kearns Blvd and Bonanza Dr. to the Kimball Art Center at 1401 Kearns has long been in discussion as an area that is under-utilized.  There has been debate over major redevelopment of the area, but it seems that City Hall has come to a decision to make it Park City's dedicated Arts District.  It will house Sundance Institute and Kimball Art Center, a transit hub, and garage with approximately 400 spots.

To learn more about this purchase please see the full article here: Park City to Create Arts District


Deer Valley Specialist Real Estate Tip: Ways to Make Any Bathroom Look Bigger

By Diana
Jul 05, 2017

These designer tricks can help you expand your space — without moving any walls, making any bathroom appear bigger. From carefully choosing your color palette and essential fixtures to employing a few clever visual tricks, you can use some or all of these tips to make your bathroom appear twice as large.

1. Go airy with white on white. One of the easiest ways to give your room a spacious look is to use lots of white — white tile, white paint, a white vanity and so on. This noncolor-color naturally recedes, making the space look bigger. It also reflects any available light, rather than absorbing it.   White finishes can make any space look bigger, but they’re especially effective in a bathroom. Since a bathroom typically has lots of white fixtures already (the tub, toilet and sink, for example), using white for other surfaces creates a seamless look that makes the space appear as airy as possible. Using different textural elements such as molding, pale stone or tile and fabric accents, as well as the occasional touch of metallics or wood, will retain the seamless look while still giving the eye lots of richness to take in.

2. Try tone on tone. Not a fan of stark white? You can still get a very big and breezy effect with a tone-on-tone palette in warm beige, soft grays or even faint hues such as powder blue. Choose a sumptuous tile, and find a paint color for the remaining walls that picks up on one of the hues within it. The overall effect is still serene and spa-like, without the jarring visual breaks to shrink your perception of the space.

3. Use a floating vanity. In a tight bathroom space, it can be tricky to balance a demand for storage with a desire for space to breathe. A floating vanity is a great answer. It gives you lots of room to store daily essentials, but the peek of flooring underneath makes the area feel a notch more open. In a very small space, having a little bit more room to plant your feet can make a big difference.

4. Go big with your mirror. A large mirror can double the size of your space and, in a bathroom especially, can really help visually double your investment. In one sense, a very large mirror can be a bit expensive. However, compared with the price of tiling that wall, a mirror can actually give you an equally dramatic look (if not more so) at a better value.

The glass used in our listing in Deer Valley keeps this bathroom open and airy.

5. Use a glass panel. Another great way to expand the look of your space is by replacing a shower curtain (which forms a bit of a visual wall even when drawn open) with a glass panel or door. The entire square footage of the room will be visible at once for a bigger look, especially when you’re in the shower. If you prefer more privacy, you can use a frosted or tinted glass panel, which will still allow a lot of light to filter through so your shower experience feels less claustrophobic.

6. Apply bright lighting. Good lighting is important to making any space look big and open, but in bathrooms, which often don’t have much natural light available, it’s especially important. Plus, in a bathroom, you need good lighting to do things such as shave or apply makeup effectively, so its importance can’t be overstated.  For these reasons, it’s key to have a rich lighting scheme, preferably with multiple light sources at different locations. A grid of ceiling lights, as well as sconces or a contemporary edge-lighted mirror will help you avoid shadowing and make the space feel bright and open.

7. Keep a low profile. Want to add some personality or drama to your bathroom without visually shrinking the space? Just look down. Try adding drama to elements with a lower profile, such as the vanity or the floor tile, while keeping the elements around your eye-line more simple and open. This approach gives the room lots of character while still maintaining a sense of openness. In fact, having a dark or vibrant color near floor level can sometimes make the upper half of the room feel even more open and airy by contrast.

*Excerpts of this blog were taken from

Park City Fourth Of July Activities

By Diana
Jul 03, 2017

Park City is famous for it's Fourth of July festivities, an estimated 40,000 people are expected to enjoy the day in cool Park City.  The day starts early at 7am with a Boy Scouts pancake breakfast for $8 at City Park, and ends with the big fireworks show at Park City Resort at dusk.  Here is a list of all the other happenings:

8am - Cole Sport 5K Fun Run that benefits the Park City Ski Team at Park City Mountain Resort

10:30am - Light entertainment and announcements on Main Street

11am - The 4th of July parade begins by going down Main Street then Park Avenue, ending at City Park, there are upwards of 60 floats this year!

After the parade the City Park will have entertainment all day with bounce houses, face painting, beer garden, food, Rugby and volleyball games, and live music!

3pm - Park City Mountain Resort activities will start with DJ Velvet spinning music, face painting, and balloon artist.  There will also be a BBQ and other activities.

5pm -7:30pm - Live Music by the Cover Dogs and Soulistics at Park City Mountain.  There is also live music on Main Street by the Park City Beethoven Festival at Miners Park.

9:30pm - Fireworks at Park City Mountain or whenever dusk occurs!

Be sure to take the free public transit system when going to events because parking will be near impossible.  There is free parking at the Park City High School, Deer Valley's Snow Park, Canyons cabriolet lots, and Park City base area.  The Kimball Express and Kamas Connect will also be running on the Fourth of July.

Have a wonderful Holiday!

Photo courtesy of: Nan Chalat Noaker/Park Record

New Park City Restaurant: Twisted Fern

By Diana
Jun 28, 2017

There is a new restaurant in Park City called Twisted Fern in a very convenient and easy to park location just off Kearns Blvd in the Snowcreek Plaza.   They serve lunch and dinner daily (11:30am-9:30pm) and are committed to honoring the roots of ingredients with a twist of creativity in a New American atmosphere.  Owner/Chef Adam Ross has been in Park City over ten years, and was formally the head chef at Bistro 412.  There is a variety of food available on the menu from Mediterranean to Southern, you can see the full menu on their website:

Prices range from $6-$28 and they have a full bar offering beer, wine, and cocktails.  They also have an outside patio to enjoy in these beautiful summer months. Go give Twisted Fern a try, it is always great to get some new dining options in Park City!

Twisted Fern Park City






Moose Sighting in Park City

By Diana
Jun 27, 2017

We saw our first Moose of the season as we came across this young Bull Moose on our hike.

He was with 2 females and they did not seem to care about us as they were eating every Willow leaf in sight!  We love Park City!

Photo by Craig Reece

Deer Valley Specialist Real Estate Tip: Golden Time For Listings

By Diana
Jun 26, 2017

Ask any Realtor and they’ll tell you the first thirty days of a listing are “Prime Time” and that’s when you’ll want to make the most of the opportunities presenting themselves.

New listings get the most attention.  They’re at the top of the MLS, they’re the freshest photos and information on the web sites and they’re  in fellow Realtors minds from caravan and agent open houses.

Selling strategy is crucial here with most buyers who are screening homes to view.  Virtual tours are a boon to the strategy of selling, with buyers who are both just beginning their search and buyers who have been looking for a while.

One of the keys to making sure your home stands out is to price it right to compete with the available properties of equivalent lot size, square footage and amenities.  Another essential is to make sure your home is ready.  It should be ready to be shown within the hour that the listing first appears.  Serious buyers will be searching the web for new listings all day, looking for that perfect home so don’t be surprised if you start receiving calls immediately, even without a agent open house to spark an interest! Contact us today to find out more about current real estate market conditions here in Park City.


Perfect setting in this newly listed home in Deer Crest!

Deer Valley Specialist Real Estate Tip Of The Week: Secrets to a Neat Living Room

By Diana
Jun 19, 2017

It’s where you hang out, flop down, decompress. It’s also probably where you read, play, craft, watch movies and entertain. With so much going on, it’s no wonder it can be difficult to keep the living room looking (and feeling) neat. And other than leading an ultra-minimalist life, what can be done? Here are 10 tips to ease the burden on this hardworking room, so you can have a neat (enough) living space.

1. Put some “speed bumps” in your entry. If your front door opens directly into your living room, it’s all too easy (especially at the end of a long day) to zoom through the entry and plop down on the sofa, leaving a trail of bags, shoes and mail as you go. Slow the pace of entry by putting in some strategically placed “speed bumps” along the way — a bench to sit on to take off your shoes, hooks and floating shelves on the wall, a sofa table with storage below and a tray for collecting mail can all help.

And if you own your home and want to make a bigger change, you could think about having a partial wall or another built-in feature installed to help with flow and storage.

2. Use furniture with hidden storage. Another option is to choose a storage ottoman or bench, either as your coffee table or as an extra seat tucked away beneath a console. You can store media, games, magazines and even shoes inside. The key is to use it to hide the things that usually look messy when strewn all over your living room. If that means you use drawer organizers inside your ottoman and keep junk-drawer stuff in there, so be it!

And of course, for those with kiddos, the storage ottoman makes an ideal toy box. Regularly rotating the toys you store there will keep the little ones interested and make it less likely they will bring tons of toys in from their own rooms.

3. Use rolling storage for kids’ toys. Keep a variety of your child’s favorite toys in storage baskets on wheels. The bins can be wheeled from room to room, making it easy to clean up and stow things away when you need a tidy space, like, now.

4. Give newspapers and magazines a temporary home. One neat basket of magazines or newspapers looks fine — a table strewn with them, not so much. Dedicate one generously sized basket to house periodicals, and commit to weeding out old issues when they no longer comfortably fit in the container.

5. Use baskets. If you want a neater living room, make friends with baskets. But before you shop for baskets, figure out what you really want to keep in the living room, so you can choose the right ones for the job. Toys are best in open baskets, because they make it easier for little ones to find what they are looking for; personal documents and messy-looking items are better stowed in lidded baskets. And remember to measure your shelves before shopping; you don’t want to come home with a carload of new organizing supplies only to find they don’t fit.

6. Keep a little-stuff drawer. Notice I did not say “junk drawer.” Every room has small items that need a home, and a well-organized drawer can be a smart place to put them. It’s only a junk drawer if you think of it that way! Unless you are already using a storage ottoman as a junk drawer (see No. 3), find a drawer in a console table, credenza or chest to hold small stuff such as charging cords, pens, stamps and scissors.

Problems arise when the little-stuff drawer becomes overloaded — you can help avoid this by creating more little-stuff drawers in other rooms, so the burden is not carried all by one spot. Also think carefully about what is going in: Some items may be better off stashed in a utility closet, a toolbox or the back-of-the-door shoe organizer.

*Excerpts of this blog were taken from

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