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Deer Valley Specialist Real Estate Tip: Golden Time For Listings

By Diana
Jun 26, 2017

Ask any Realtor and they’ll tell you the first thirty days of a listing are “Prime Time” and that’s when you’ll want to make the most of the opportunities presenting themselves.

New listings get the most attention.  They’re at the top of the MLS, they’re the freshest photos and information on the web sites and they’re  in fellow Realtors minds from caravan and agent open houses.

Selling strategy is crucial here with most buyers who are screening homes to view.  Virtual tours are a boon to the strategy of selling, with buyers who are both just beginning their search and buyers who have been looking for a while.

One of the keys to making sure your home stands out is to price it right to compete with the available properties of equivalent lot size, square footage and amenities.  Another essential is to make sure your home is ready.  It should be ready to be shown within the hour that the listing first appears.  Serious buyers will be searching the web for new listings all day, looking for that perfect home so don’t be surprised if you start receiving calls immediately, even without a agent open house to spark an interest! Contact us today to find out more about current real estate market conditions here in Park City.


Perfect setting in this newly listed home in Deer Crest!

Deer Valley Specialist Real Estate Tip Of The Week: Secrets to a Neat Living Room

By Diana
Jun 19, 2017

It’s where you hang out, flop down, decompress. It’s also probably where you read, play, craft, watch movies and entertain. With so much going on, it’s no wonder it can be difficult to keep the living room looking (and feeling) neat. And other than leading an ultra-minimalist life, what can be done? Here are 10 tips to ease the burden on this hardworking room, so you can have a neat (enough) living space.

1. Put some “speed bumps” in your entry. If your front door opens directly into your living room, it’s all too easy (especially at the end of a long day) to zoom through the entry and plop down on the sofa, leaving a trail of bags, shoes and mail as you go. Slow the pace of entry by putting in some strategically placed “speed bumps” along the way — a bench to sit on to take off your shoes, hooks and floating shelves on the wall, a sofa table with storage below and a tray for collecting mail can all help.

And if you own your home and want to make a bigger change, you could think about having a partial wall or another built-in feature installed to help with flow and storage.

2. Use furniture with hidden storage. Another option is to choose a storage ottoman or bench, either as your coffee table or as an extra seat tucked away beneath a console. You can store media, games, magazines and even shoes inside. The key is to use it to hide the things that usually look messy when strewn all over your living room. If that means you use drawer organizers inside your ottoman and keep junk-drawer stuff in there, so be it!

And of course, for those with kiddos, the storage ottoman makes an ideal toy box. Regularly rotating the toys you store there will keep the little ones interested and make it less likely they will bring tons of toys in from their own rooms.

3. Use rolling storage for kids’ toys. Keep a variety of your child’s favorite toys in storage baskets on wheels. The bins can be wheeled from room to room, making it easy to clean up and stow things away when you need a tidy space, like, now.

4. Give newspapers and magazines a temporary home. One neat basket of magazines or newspapers looks fine — a table strewn with them, not so much. Dedicate one generously sized basket to house periodicals, and commit to weeding out old issues when they no longer comfortably fit in the container.

5. Use baskets. If you want a neater living room, make friends with baskets. But before you shop for baskets, figure out what you really want to keep in the living room, so you can choose the right ones for the job. Toys are best in open baskets, because they make it easier for little ones to find what they are looking for; personal documents and messy-looking items are better stowed in lidded baskets. And remember to measure your shelves before shopping; you don’t want to come home with a carload of new organizing supplies only to find they don’t fit.

6. Keep a little-stuff drawer. Notice I did not say “junk drawer.” Every room has small items that need a home, and a well-organized drawer can be a smart place to put them. It’s only a junk drawer if you think of it that way! Unless you are already using a storage ottoman as a junk drawer (see No. 3), find a drawer in a console table, credenza or chest to hold small stuff such as charging cords, pens, stamps and scissors.

Problems arise when the little-stuff drawer becomes overloaded — you can help avoid this by creating more little-stuff drawers in other rooms, so the burden is not carried all by one spot. Also think carefully about what is going in: Some items may be better off stashed in a utility closet, a toolbox or the back-of-the-door shoe organizer.

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Park City Weekend Events June 16-18

By Diana
Jun 15, 2017

There is a lot of fun things happening this weekend!  Deer Valley Resort will open for summer and the Savor the Summit dinner party on Main Street will take place on Saturday night (so plan ahead if going to Main Street that night).

Park City Moto Union Film Festival - The Park City Moto Union Film Festival will be run from Friday the 16 to Saturday the 17.  On Friday the screenings will take place at the Egyptian Theatre from 7-10pm and will include opportunity drawings.  On Saturday the fun continues from 8:30am to 4pm at the Skullcandy building in Kimball Junction.  For more info go to:

Teen Nerf War at Summit County Library - The third annual Teen Nerf War will held Friday at the Summit County Library Kimball Junction Branch from 6:30pm-8:30pm.  It is for ages 12-18 and will include food. Please bring your own Nerf weapon.

Coalville City Barbecue Festival - Come to Coalville for some yummy eats, kids zone, prizes and live band at the Coalville City Barbecue Festival!  It will be held at the Summit County Fairgrounds on Saturday starting at 6pm.  Tickets available by going to:

Round Valley Rambler - The first race of the Round Valley Rambler will run from 8am until noon on Saturday.  It is a trail half marathon taking place in Round Valley, visit Mountain Trails for more info.

Park Silly Sunday Market - The Park Silly Sunday Market is held every Sunday on Lower Main Street through September 17.  It runs from 10am-5pm with live music, food, all kinds of vendors, and a beer garden!  It is a great way to spend a Sunday with the family!

Deer Valley Resort To Open For Summer This Week

By Diana
Jun 14, 2017

Deer Valley Resort will open for summer operations this Friday June 16!  The abundant trail system at Deer Valley will almost be completely open with lift-service hiking and biking.  The crews have been working hard to get the trails ready and the warm weather has melted the majority of the snow.  The only trail that won't be open is Tsunami, Deer Valley's new expert-level mountain biking flow trail.  The trail is almost complete with portions of it expected to open by Fourth of July weekend.

Deer Valley will also offer mountain biking lessons and clinics, and extended trail hours on Wednesday for the month of July and August staying open until 8pm.  Then of course are all the great music events at Deer Valley's Snow Park Amphitheater!  The free Wednesday night concerts start next Wednesday the 21st, and then the Deer Valley Music Festival and St. Regis Big Stars, Bright Night concert series both start in July with several big names playing this summer.

See the full event calendar here.

USA Today Names Park City The Place For S'mores

By Diana
Jun 13, 2017

Park City is known for a lot of things: snow, skiing, wildlife, main street, and mountain biking, but did you know that it is a town for s'mores lovers?  Pretty much everyone loves s'mores so really Park City is for everyone!  USA Today did a recent article detailing 10 places to indulge in this delicious treat all in Park City.  They mention places such as: The Montage Deer Valley, The Farm, Waldorf Astoria Park City, and Deer Valley Resort.

We have to agree s'mores are to be enjoyed year round and Park City is the perfect place to get your fix!  Click the link below to see the full list:

S'mores in Park City

New Park City Commuter Transit Routes Starting This Summer

By Diana
Jun 08, 2017

Last November, Summit County voters agreed to pay additional sales tax to support specific transportation related improvements.  Well, some of those services will be starting this summer and include: extending service into the Kamas Valley, a Kimball Junction circulator, additional runs on the PC-SLC Connect, and a bike share program.

Starting on June 26, the Electric Express service on State Road 224, will provide service along S.R. 224 between Kimball Junction and Old Town Transit Centers between 7am and midnight, every ten minutes, seven days a week.   Additional runs on the PC-SLC Connect will also start including a mid-day run.

Also on June 26, the Kamas Commuter route will begin.  Kamas Valley residents will be able to access the service at Volkers Bakery in Kamas and it will provide runs to Quinns Junction, Kimball Junction, and Park City, with three morning and three evening runs.

On July 10, the Kimball Junction Circulator, a shuttle service operating in bi-directional loops, serving the Kimball Junction Transit Center, Tanger Outlets, Newpark, and Redstone. It will operate 13 hours a day, seven days a week, with runs every 15 minutes.

Then on July 14, the Bike-share program will begin.  Around 90 bikes will be docked at nine stations located in the Kimball Junction area, at Canyons Village, at Park City Mountain Resort, Prospector Square, and throughout Park City.

For more information on these services go to


Deer Valley Specialist Real Estate Tip of The Week: How to Use Succulents To Solve Garden Problems

By Diana
Jun 07, 2017

Succulents have it all — delightful shapes, a variety of colors and a range of sizes — so it’s no surprise that they are a favorite choice for landscape designers. Succulents do more than add beauty to outdoor spaces. They can also be effective problem solvers, replacing a water-intensive lawn with a more drought-tolerant landscape, filling narrow planting areas, creating low-maintenance container plantings, and much more.

Before planting succulents, it’s important to know a few things. There are many kinds of succulents. Some thrive in full sun, while others prefer shade; many love warm climates, but a number can be grown in cold regions as well. It’s important to note the USDA zone and recommended sun exposure of each succulent before you add it to your garden.

All succulents require well-drained soil, as they will not survive for long in soggy conditions. Succulents do need water, unless they are cactuses (which are a type of succulent). A general guideline is to water them deeply and then let the soil completely dry out before watering again.

Replace thirsty lawns. We may enjoy the bright green color of lawns, but they take a lot of water and require frequent maintenance in the forms of fertilizing and mowing. Replacing grass with succulents is a great way to reduce water usage and garden maintenance.

There are many bright green succulents that can re-create that lush appearance of a lawn. If cool blue-gray hues are more your style, there are succulents for that too. Visit your local nursery to see what types of succulents do well in your area, and choose those that you like best and fit the sun exposure that your front yard receives.

Switch out flowering annuals. Growing flowers in pots is a high-maintenance garden element, with constant deadheading and frequent watering and fertilizing. Instead of adding annual flowers to your pots every few months, switch them out for colorful succulents, which will lend beauty throughout the year for a fraction of the water and fertilizer required for flowers.

Use a planting mix that is specifically formulated for succulents, and fertilize in spring and in summer using a slow-release fertilizer.

Fill narrow areas. Small planting beds can be a difficult spot to add plants, with their limited soil space. However, many succulents thrive in these confines. Narrow planting beds are frequently found next to the foundation of buildings and walls, where frequent watering is discouraged because of the damage it can cause to structures. Adding succulents that need infrequent watering is often a viable option for these confined spaces.

Substitute for high-water-use flowering perennials. When we think of flowering plants, succulents don’t often come to mind; however, many succulents produce beautiful displays of flowers that will add welcome color to the landscape while needing much less water. Ask your local master gardener or nursery professional what kinds of flowering succulents do well in your region.

Plant in beds that don’t have an irrigation system. Planting areas without an irrigation system don’t have to be left empty. Add succulents for a welcome splash of green color, and water infrequently when the top couple of inches of soil are dry.

Brighten locations that receive hot, reflected sun. Many types of succulents are well-suited to areas where the sun beats down mercilessly, and they help soften these areas visually and prevent them from appearing washed out. When looking for succulents for this type of location, be sure to choose those that can handle hot, reflected sun. Your local nursery professional or master gardener can provide you with a list of plants that will work in this challenging situation.

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Park City's Savor The Summit 2017

By Diana
Jun 05, 2017

Park City's biggest outdoor dinner party, Savor the Summit, offers diners a unique celebration of fabulous food, drink and live music while seated in the middle of Main Street. Park City's best restaurants will showcase their culinary talents in an open air community celebration.

No ticket needed, but you do need to make a reservation directly with participating restaurants of your choice. Each restaurant will offer their choice of menu, pricing and bar service. Menus range in price with some restaurants offering wine or beverage pairings.  It is an event not to be missed, click the link below for more information:

Park City Real Estate Market Update: Golf Communities

By Diana
Jun 01, 2017

Summit and Wasatch counties are popular among golfers, and the number of vacant land and single family home sales in our golf communities gives strong evidence of this trend. With over 300 sales in the past twelve months in Glenwild, Promontory, Hideout, Tuhaye, Red Ledges, and Victory Ranch, buyer demand remains strong and will likely continue, especially during the summer months. With a wide array of price points, new build options, and ample community amenities, it's no wonder that many second home buyers are investing in these neighborhoods.

With courses now open, make the most of our local golf options and explore your living options in these highly sought after micro-market areas. Reach out for more information on our local golf communities.


Deer Valley and Park City Resort Named Among the Best Mountain Bike Parks

By Diana
May 30, 2017

Each year the holds the annual Riders' choice awards where mountain bikers vote for the best mountain biking parks in North America.  They divide the winners into regions such as: Northwest, Southwest, Eastern Canada, Rocky Mountains, etc.  Two Park City destinations got in the top 5 in the Rocky Mountain, probably one of the most competitive categories.  Deer Valley Resort came in at number 2 and Canyon/Park City Resort tied for number 4 along with Keystone Colorado.

With over 400 miles of trails Park City is a mountain biking mecca, and one well worth checking out! See the full list of winners here:

Mountain Bike Riders' Choice Awards

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