Deer Valley Specialist Tip of the Week: Reduce Home Allergens

Posted by on Tuesday, June 26th, 2018 at 3:50pm.

Allergy season is upon us. Here are a few ideas to reduce the negative effects and stay healthier.

1. Wipe surfaces. Use a damp cloth to dust window sills, bookshelves and knickknacks. Any allergens will cling to the moist rag instead of spreading into the air.

2. Vacuum this. When you strip your bed, run the vacuum over the top and sides of your mattress to remove any dust mites.

3. Check the dryer vent. The dryer produces moist air that can cause mold to form. Make sure the vent is securely attached, sending the air outside and away from the house.

4. Shift furniture. Moving furniture just an inch away from air vents will allow air to flow freely, stopping the buildup of dust particles.

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