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Utah was named the 2nd best State to start a business by WalletHub! In the study, WalletHub compared the 50 states across 26 key indicators of startup success to determine the most fertile grounds in which to launch and grow an enterprise.  According to WalletHub; Starting a business is no easy task and about one fifth fail after one year, and almost fifty percent fail by 5 years. But startups fail for different reasons, a “bad location” among the most common. Choosing the right state for a business is therefore crucial to its success.  

See the link to the full study below and the factors that lead to Utah being number 2!

Utah 2nd Best State to Start a Business

Utah 2nd best state to start a business

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We all need a little less stress in our lives so why not live in a State that is one of the least stressed of all 50?  Utah is one of the top 3 least stressed states according to a new report by WalletHub.  They say stress isn't just a personal issue it is an issue of where you live also.  The three least stressed states Utah, Minnesota, and Massachusetts, fared much better then most states in money, health, and family.  

Utah ranked highest for place to raise a family and work life balance. People in Utah believe in working hard but also playing hard, and carving out family time once the work day is done.  The amount of outdoor recreation available year-round also contributed to keeping people less stressed.  Utahans also have the lowest student loan

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Forbes named Utah the second best state for business moving up one stop from last year.  Forbes has been ranking the business climates of states since 2006 and Utah is the only one to come in at the top six times.  They use 41 metrics across six main categories:  business costs, regulatory environment, economic climate, growth prospects and quality of life.  

Utah ranked highest in employment growth and is expected to remain #1 in that category through 2022.  Utah's low energy costs and ability to lure in tech companies and many start-ups also made them rank #2 in the Nation.  Though it isn't stated in the article by Forbes, Utah's beauty and year round outdoor activities most likely contribute to many employers and employees eventually settling here. 

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A new ranking of states by happiness was conducted by WalletHub using 31 different metrics, including adult depression rate, income level, commuting length, and many more.  No surprise that Hawaii came in at #1, but Utah came in at #2!  Must be the amazing amount of outdoor activities to do and according to the study low work hours and low divorce rate.  Way to go Utah!  See the full ranking of the states here:

Utah 2nd Happiest State


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Recently Facebook choose Eagle Mountain, Utah as the place for their new data center.  Entrepreneur.com just published a great article on the reasons why Facebook and several other big companies are choosing Utah or as they say the "silicon slopes" including: Adobe, Overstock.com, Vivint Solar, Skullcandy and many more.  See the full article here and the 5 reasons why you should choose Utah too!



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A new study from leading US ecommerce firm Amazon has revealed the top 10 most entrepreneurial US states, with Utah topping the list!  

The study looks at the US states with the most SMEs per capita selling on Amazon – a platform that see’s millions of enterprises selling goods across the world.  Way to go Utah!  

See the full article here: Utah Named Most Entrepreneurial State By Amazon


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The population of the U.S. is growing and so are many states, and Utah is the fastest growing state in the Nation!  With all this growth housing needs are growing.  See more from this article in Realtormag.com:

Growing States May See Housing Boom
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