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It is no secret that the Epic and new Ikon ski passes are changing the game for Utah Resorts and their patrons.  The Epic Pass was introduced 10 years ago, and the Ikon Pass was just into effect this ski season.  The Epic Pass includes all the resorts under the Vail Umbrella, and Alterra Mountain’s Ikon Pass at a number of resorts across the world, including three in Utah. 

It really has persuaded many skiers and boarders to get season passes and the ski industry sees that as a good thing.  More people are now able to afford to travel to other destinations to ski, going places they probably didn't plan on before these passes were offered.  Park City Resort under the umbrella of Vail and with Deer Valley Resort now under Alterra, it has certainly

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It may be difficult to think about skiing right now with the beautiful fall leaves and mild temperatures but there is less then 30 days to buy your Deer Valley Resort Season Pass at the early discount rates!  The deadline was moved up to October 15th this year so buy before then to get a discount.  Plus, this ski season only they are offering anyone that buys a full season pass a complimentary Ikon Base Pass, that offer goes through December 13th.  The Ikon Pass is North America’s newest season pass product, offering access to the most iconic destinations around the world. With 36 destinations, in 12 states, four Canadian provinces and three continents.

For more info on the early discount rates at Deer Valley Resort and all the different kinds of

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The Ikon Pass just announced early today that they are adding two more Utah Resorts to their pass: Solitude and Brighton Resort! Deer Valley Resort, Alta, and Snowbird were already participating in the pass.  There is now a total of 28 ski resorts participating in the Ikon Pass.  For more info on the Ikon Pass go here: https://www.ikonpass.com/en/ikon-pass

Ikon Pass

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It’s official – the Ikon Pass launches March 6 for the 18/19 season.  It comes in two tiers – the Ikon Pass and the Ikon Base Pass –starting at $599.  The Ikon Pass includes 26 ski resorts in North America, with three in Utah including: Alta, Snowbird, and Deer Valley Resort.  

For full details on pass benefits and restrictions, visit:  Ikon Pass Prices Announced!  

Ikon Pass
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Ikon Pass

DENVER, CO, January 25, 2018 - Alterra Mountain Company announces its 2018-2019 pass product, the Ikon Pass. North America’s top mountain destinations have joined together to offer skiers and riders the Ikon Pass uniting 12 destinations from Alterra Mountain Company and 11 premier destination partners.

The Ikon Pass gives skiers and riders the opportunity to access nearly 50,000 skiable acres of unique terrain across the continent, with pass privileges that range from full unlimited access to a set number of days that vary by destination. From a week long vacation to unlimited days, the Ikon Pass was built with the guest in mind, to provide the best experience possible. With 23 destinations, in nine states and three Canadian provinces, the Ikon Pass is…
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